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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I've never been big into blogging.

My husband has blogged for almost 2 years now (MIDDLE AGE BULGE) and slowly, ever so slowly he has pulled me into this modern world of social media and online words. First it was Facebook, then Twitter, and now... Blogging!

Recently I attended a social media workshop and learned that blogging is actually a really good idea. It helps to create a community, a readership and enhances whatever it is that you are trying to do.

My goal with the Ananda Center for Balance is to create a thriving holistic community in Fort McMurray, Alberta. A community of like-minded people interested in yoga, health and wellness. What better way to do this, then to open up this BLOG and website to you - my readership - my friends - and my clients!

As we move forward from this day - DAY ONE of THE BLOG - I invite you to submit comments, questions and ideas that will help all of us learn, share and grow our community.

Welcome to the Ananda Center for Balance BLOG!

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