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Monday, 20 May 2013

Transformation Inside and Out

This post is about transformation inside and out. When your physical, mental and spiritual insides are clean, comfortable and happy then your outside environment is similarly shaped. When your environment outside feels cluttered, uncomfortable or awkward, then your insides reflect this as well. This post is about internal personal transformation being the catalyst for external transformation of a physical space, which then in turn made for a delightful fertile growth environment in which a Soul could thrive and a Spirit could continue to flourish.

"At the most fundamental level of life itself, there is no separation between ourselves and the environment. According to Buddhism, everything around us, including work and family relationships, is the reflection of our inner lives. Everything is perceived through the self and alters according to the individual's inner state of life. Thus, if we change ourselves, our circumstances will inevitably change also." [Courtesy April 1998 SGI Quarterly]

In March 2009, when I first decided to work from home teaching yoga and practising massage therapy I designed my home office to be a multi-use convertible space. It was an exciting and a productive time as I integrated massage, reiki and teaching regular group yoga classes into my life. As I began to flourish and thrive in this new environment, so did my business and my personal life. It was an exciting time.

For those of you who have joined me here at the home studio, you will remember what the space looked like. You will remember how I designated a sacred place at the front of the room for my books, a beloved Buddha and several other altar items that held meaning and significance. Twice a week like clockwork, I would transform the room into a yoga studio where I offered delicious, fun and varied yoga classes to regular groups of 5-7 people. These classes helped me to grow as a person, as a student and as a teacher. The people who have attended these classes have also felt transformation on physical, mental and spiritual levels. The ripple effect has been significant and I am extremely grateful for those small classes, the joy and sharing in a common experience and the many personal transformations that have taken place. This space and the people that have shared time with me here have truly been a gift.

It has been 4 years since I first designed and styled my home studio and office. In this time I have changed and transformed inside so much that I don't know if I would recognize that fledgling self from so long ago. My skills as a teacher and a therapist have evolved in tandem with my interests and goals for myself and for my wholistic health and healing business. It is no wonder than, that since I had changed so much personally and spiritually over this time, that last fall I began to feel uncomfortable in my own space. It wasn't until mid-winter that I realized I didn't even want to spend time in my own studio. I would take my computer and work upstairs at the kitchen table every day because I didn't like being downstairs in the office. The only time I took pleasure in being in the room was when I was with clients. Something significant had shifted and I didn't know what it was or how to fix it.

Enter into the equation a flare-up of an autoimmune condition and some much needed "me time". Last fall as my health deteriorate, I was required to drop all of my yoga classes and reduce the number of weekly table work sessions. In an effort to sit with myself and figure out what I needed to do to regain a sense of balance and harmony I discovered that I was still doing things that I had done when I first started the business 4 years ago. Even though my interests and skills had changed, I was hanging onto things that had worked for me at the beginning of this journey even though they no longer worked or resonated. Now for any of you who have experienced radical shifts in health and personal life, you know that change is inevitable. Change is also important. Not to change when it is required of you only makes things more painful because it is putting the brakes on your own development and growth. When we learn and grow, our environment and our lifestyle begin to mirror these internal changes. It is when the internal and external are out of sync that we feel yucky, frustrated, stuck and otherwise confused. This is exactly what had happened to me with my work space and work in general.

Enter into the picture Katherine Lima, our local Feng Shui consultant. I was so grateful to her when this Spring she suggested to come by for a Feng Shui consultation. I was desperate and it was perfect timing. I knew that something needed to shift, I simply didn't know where to start. She was a prayer answered.

Though I still don't understand much about Feng Shui, what I do know is that Katherine's suggestions and advice is that they have changed everything about my physical office space, my internal feelings and attitude about working down here.

The act of transforming my physical work space has brought into play a chain reaction through my entire personal life. It was as if I was so stuck that it was hard to see what I needed, what I wanted and where I was being asked to go.  With my space newly transformed I feel inspired and excited. It is as though I have been reborn on my journey.

I have rediscovered my joy for writing and am putting it into practice - as you can see by this BLOG. I have even signed up for writing programs online with SARK and Christine Kloser so that I can be additionally inspired on my journey. I have made the decision to release the tentacles of traditional therapeutic oil massage in my table work and move forward with what really calls to my heart, which is CranioSacral Therapy. I have also released all group yoga classes from my home studio and have instead asked the Universe to provide me with teaching opportunities out of the house in our community.

Finally after months of struggle, imbalance and internal hibernation I feel that Spring has truly sprung, that I have been reborn and that it is in this rebirth that ANYTHING is possible.

With a new room, a new outlook and new inspiration I am ready for what the Universe has to offer me on this journey. I have released what I no longer need, and made room for new things coming my way.
I am ready to move forward!

Excited and Inspired - full of Love and Light,

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