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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Busy - Busy - Busy. Busi-ness. Business? 

The fall is alway a busy time for us. Shopping for school supplies, getting kids registered for school and signed up for the bus, getting sleeping habits back on par with the new schedule, getting ready to go back to work and the office. To bed at a decent hour, up early making lunches and then the house gets progressively quieter as they leave one by one. Dylan leaves first at about 7am as he heads out to take public transit up the hill for Grade 9, then Russell around 8am as he steps out for work, and finally Ben who takes the yellow school bus at 8:30 headed for Grade 5.

By 8:45 I am taking my first deep breaths of the day and the most wonderful feeling in the world washes over me in the silence after everyone has left. After a summer that seemed to last forever and at the same time went by in a flash, I remember once more what it is like to have the house back to myself. The most delicious feeling in the world is palpable in the silence that remains.

My morning routine is exactly as it needs to be. Simple, quiet and peaceful. Most of the time my morning Kriyas are complete before the family leaves, if they aren't then I do them now: Brushing of teeth, Jiva Shodhana - Cleaning of the tongue, Jal Neti - Cleaning of the nostrils with water, Agnisar - Stomach pumping, and Nauli - Stomach churning. I follow that with a large glass of warm lemon water. Often with these exercises (and the warm water) I am using the toilet even before my breakfast and morning beverage are ready. Ahhh! What a delight to be able to start the day with a clean and clear system!

My routine is almost the same everyday. Routine is important for me. It is calming and relaxing and like meditation, it heals and sets me up for the rest of the day.

I wrap myself in a shawl and take my tea and toast to the couch because I dislike eating at the table alone. Basking in the morning light from our living room window, I eat and scroll through facebook and twitter on the iPad catching up with my social circle. When I've finished eating - and if I'm disciplined - the iPad goes away and I pick up my pen and journal. I find free writing in the morning to be the most productive and the most enjoyable. I have to be awake in order to write, some people I know begin writing immediately after a dream or upon waking. This doesn't work quite as well for me. I prefer the quiet house, the sacred sound of silence and a warm beverage balanced in my lap or on couch beside me while I share my dreams, my thoughts and my wishes on paper. I share my heart in this journal, my experiences, my joy, my pain and my sorrow. It is perfect every time.

When I finish writing around 10am is when I contemplate the rest of my day. I get dressed (maybe), spend some time in the garden in the summer or put on winter gear and shovel snow if it is winter. If I have a client, then I definitely get dressed and take the time with them instead.

It is delightful to have the house to myself all day, to have my own quiet schedule where I choose not to allow busy-ness overtake me. "Since when did busy-ness become a badge of honor?" Instead, I am perfectly willing to let the rest of my family explore that world and to welcome their the stories when they come home.

This is how I like to live. I like routine. I like quiet. I like to avoid busy-ness as much as possible. This is my peace and this is my preference. What is yours?

Love and Light,

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  1. Absolutely lovely! Alone time is precious! Silence is golden. Serenity, divine.