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Friday, 28 February 2014

Welcoming Spring with Seeds of Change!

Winter is time of hibernation, a time to pause for reflection and renewal. Winter is where I often take a step back and regroup, reconsider my direction and whether it is in line with my heart. It is the time of year when we journey inside ourselves and begin to recognize pockets of discontent and unfulfilled desires.

Things in my world begin to shift when the days get longer. The fatigue and dream-like state induced by six months of winter and darkness begin to stir and lift when the sun becomes warmer. Though my heart lifts when the snow melts, resulting in pools of ice at night and mud puddles in the day – still for me, it is not true Spring. In the depths of my soul, I love it when the birds come back from their long holiday in the South and the air is filled once more with music. When children can be seen playing outside, adults enjoying the sun as they meander a little longer on the trek between vehicles and houses. With every sign of Spring my heart and soul open a little more, becoming lighter and more free.

It is true that all those signs are hopeful markers, but for me the true sign of Spring is when I see for the first time the pointy tips of new growth. The day I walk through my yard and spy the deep reddish-purple and light green of Tulip Bulbs pushing up through the earth is the day that I KNOW in my heart that Spring is really here. My Spring is the day the that I see green through the detritus of last year’s growth, new life ready to burst forward. It is the day that I come running into the house to grab a camera or to tweet the fact… “Spring is here! Spring IS HERE! Halleluiah!” It is a day that I carry with me always. It is the day of new growth. The signal, the sign that we have arrived, that I have arrived to a new season and a new chance to bloom.

On March 22nd, some of my best friends and I are hosting a full-day conference titled SEEDS of CHANGE. It will be an experience that will clear the detritus, clarify dreams and desires helping you to move forward with your Spring-time inspirations.

Join us for a full day of interactive sessions that will include Denise Hildebrand’s presentation on becoming a leader in your own life and learning how to bloom where you are planted. Gary John will host group hypnotherapy to help create a new way of thinking so that you can move forward with what you truly desire. Learn to listen to your heart’s whispers tapping into that power using journaling with life-coach Karen Larkin. Our beautiful friend Melissa Redden has a session that will reveal how unresolved experiences, beliefs and patterns can keep you stuck and will follow this up by sharing the path to joy through release of what no longer serves. Rena Saini is a Naturopath who will share how to prepare the Body-Mind for Change so that it can support you in moving forward, and I, Heather Thomas, will share techniques that have helped me move from resistance and fear into a place of loving open-heartedness, curiosity, hope and acceptance.

Join us on Saturday, March 22 @ 9-4:30pm and re-discover your potential.

For information and to Register please visit:

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