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Thursday, 3 December 2015

On Writing and Starting Again

On Writing and Starting Again.

The hardest part about writing are the thoughts that end up paralyzing me time and time again. It is all related to the belief that I have to come up with something witty, heartfelt, moving or scintillating for you to enjoy. When I think about what I should write, what topic to address and then combine it with the false assumption that what emerges needs to be profound or meaningful or otherwise amazing, I find myself stumbling without hope of firm ground to step on.

A company called Nike, Julia Cameron and countless others say to “just do it”.

Concerning the topic at hand the meaning of the phrase means to simply: sit down and write, allow the words to flow without pattern, reason or purpose. Let go of the fear that what is written has to be good or even that it will be read by others. Let go of any expectations about the exercise and simply allow it to emerge on its own.

What I write needs to come naturally. It needs to flow like an open tap. This is impossible if I force it to be something that it is not. If, however, I make this an exercise in experimentation without a goal or target then it will be easier. If I make this about the journey rather than the result, welcome creative flow back into my world and allow the words to write them themselves - then I become the recorder, the instrument, an avenue of expression.

It sure as heck takes the pressure off and scares away any anxiety.

I like it this idea. I like it a lot. I’m excited to see where it will take me.  

Love and Light, 

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